Operational Policy and Advocacy Group

Operational Policy and Advocacy Group

Operational Policy and Advocacy Group

The Operational Policy and Advocacy Group serves as forum driving the normative and strategic policy work of the IASC, including on system-wide policy matters with a direct bearing on humanitarian operations. It is responsible for overseeing the work of the Results Group on behalf of the IASC Principals.

Co-chaired by two members of the Deputies Forum (to be identified as of 20 February 2019), the OPAG will comprise a representative from each IASC member, at Director level.

Responsibilities include:

  • developing policies and guidance in line with strategic decisions and requests made by the IASC
  • establishing and overseeing the work of the Results Groups
  • collaborating with the Emergency Directors Group (EDG) in identifying and elaborating policy matters with direct bearing on humanitarian operations
  • reviewing guidelines produced by inter-agency bodies outside of the formal IASC structure (after vetting by the IASC secretariat)

Note: It is important to note that no policy, guideline or other normative document can be considered an IASC-sanctioned reference without the endorsement of the IASC (unless the IASC delegates the endorsement of specific bodies of work to the OPAG).

The OPAG supersedes the formerĀ IASC Working Group

Upcoming Meetings

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Past Meetings

8:30 to 17:00


Ms. Valerie N. Guarnieri

Ms. Valerie Guarnieri

Assistant Executive Director

Mr. Geir Olav Lisle

Deputy Secretary General