IASC PSEAH Championship Priorities for 2022

Published Date

After the endorsement of the IASC PSEAH Championship Priorities for 2022 by the IASC Principals
Mr. Andrew Morley, IASC Champion PSEAH and Chair of SCHR reveals his Championship Priorities that lie across three domains:

  1. Affected Population-Focused

    The Champion will lead the IASC to agree upon a definition of a victim/survivor Centred approach, its main principles, and key entities/actions involved in its implementation including prevention work, investigations, and response to SEAH violations.
  2. Country-Level

    The Champion will support the development of an institutionalised five-year project to centrally employ and deploy IASC PSEA coordinators to the 15 highest risk contexts and mobilise political support and additional donor funding for it.
  3. System Improvement

    The Champion will lead the continued process of culture change started under the UNHCR and UNFPA Championships, building on the existing work of SCHR to ensure that the sector actively evidences a zero-tolerance approach for inaction on SEAH.