IASC, Guidelines for Field Staff Promoting Reintegration (Golden Rules), 2000

Published Date

Different circumstances, people, and issues make every post-conflict reintegration project unique. However, the success of any operation is due, in large part, to the leadership of field staff. Ten fundamental principles, or the “Golden Rules”, were developed to provide strategic guidance to field personnel.

The Golden Rules are as follows:
1) Stability is the overriding priority
2) Move forward only when you’re confident that everyone is on board
3) Local and international actors need a shared vision
4) Protection and Assistance are flip sides of the same coin
5) Building capacity to promote reintegration
6) Coordination is not just an activity—it’s a way of life
7) Follow the flow of people: A regional approach can make a lot of sense
8) Ensuring staff security helps the staff ensure civilian security
9) Headquarters must help you serve the people in need
10) Working with donors is part of your job