IASC Manual on Field Practice in Internal Displacement: Examples from UN agencies and Partner Organizations of Field-Based Initiatives Supporting Internally Displaced Persons, 1999

Published Date

All too often governments are either unwilling or unable to meet the protection needs of their displaced populations. The international community, therefore, has an important responsibility to ensure that these populations are assisted. This must include effective safeguarding of all rights guaranteed by international humanitarian and human rights law. This manual on field practice describes a number of concrete activities that may be undertaken in situations of internal displacement so as to strengthen the link between assistance and protection activities.

The manual consists of seven parts:

1)     Part one introduces the context of the manual, its purpose and how it is organized

2)     Part two gives a compendium of field practice examples

3)     Part three briefs on the general support for the guiding principles

4)     Part four presents principles related to protection from displacement

5)     Part five presents principles related to protection and assistance during displacement such as enhancing protection of physical security and freedom of movement, preserving family and community among the internally displaced, protecting social, economic and cultural rights, and protecting rights to identity and basic freedoms

6)     Part six briefs on humanitarian principles

Part seven presents on principles related to return, resettlement and reintegration