IASC Plan of Action and Core Principles of Codes of Conduct on Protection from Sexual Abuse and Exploitation in Humanitarian Crisis, 2002

Published Date

The attached Plan of Action (PoA) outlines a number of steps that should be taken by humanitarian actors towards preventing sexual exploitation and abuse and responding to survivor needs. This plan is part of an ongoing effort of the humanitarian community to strengthen PSEA and is continuously being refined on the basis of experience, pilot activities in selected countries and field visits to affected locations. The PoA is divided into three sections: prevention, response and management and implementation issues. It addresses protection from sexual exploitation and abuse during humanitarian crises by seeking to prevent exploitative and abusive behaviour from being perpetrated and addressing the conditions that make women and children vulnerable to exploitation and abuse.

The 'PSEA principles' outline theĀ IASC core principles relating to sexual exploitation and abuse for all humanitarian practitioners. For all translations of the PSEA Principles, see here.