IASC, Respect for Humanitarian Mandates in Conflict Situations, 1996

Published Date

Multiple and complex humanitarian crises challenged the mandates and response capacities of the United Nations and the international community in the mid-nineties. The increasing demand for international action in internal conflicts is a reflection of the new dynamics in international relations.

This booklet consists of two parts.
1) Part one is on shared concerns and problems of the political, military, human rights and humanitarian components of conflict situations. It includes the changing context, interaction in complex emergencies, role of the military in support of humanitarian action, access to the affected population, security and protection of personnel and facilities, and improvement of cooperation and coordination.
2) Part two describes humanitarian concerns. It includes Security Council deliberations and the humanitarian imperative, humanitarian law and principles, non-politicized humanitarian action, background of the IASC, financing, and the effect of sanctions on humanitarian action.