Improved Search Functionality

Published Date
Full text search is now available for public content of this site. Using Google Site Search the complete content can be searched. The search box on the top right of every page delivers results for public content. In addition, protected documents and meetings can now be searched for any combination of keywords. You can search through document and meeting titles, agenda items, presenters etc. Please remember the following instructiongs for the document and calendar search: By default the database will be searched for results that contain all of the keywords you entered ('AND' option). If you choose the 'OR' option, you will get results that contain any of the keywords you entered. Using the 'exact phrase' option, you will receive only those records that contain the entered phrase. You can combine keywords and phrase in one search by enclosing the phrase you wish to find in apostrohpes. For example, the string cluster 'progress report' will return all results the contain both the keyword "cluster" and the phrase "progress report".