Geneva IASC Events

Geneva IASC Events

Geneva IASC Events

IASC Events are held in Geneva on an ad hoc basis, usually in the Palais des Nations. Events include discussions with colleagues visiting from various countries, thematic issues, and with Humanitarian Coordinators. Panel discussions are also organized on different topics of interest to the humanitarian community.

Events are open to individuals working in humanitarian organizations, unless specified otherwise. Dial-in possibilities are available for some events for those outside of Geneva. Following events, PowerPoint presentations are distributed and on some occasions, notes are made available.

Join the Invitation List for Geneva IASC Events

If you are interested in being added to the invitation list for the Geneva IASC Events, please write to, with the subject line "Geneva IASC Events Mailing List" and please include your full name and organizational affiliation. You will receive a confirmation once added to the list.

Suggestions for Future Geneva IASC Events?

If you have suggestions of possible speakers or topics for a Geneva IASC Event, please write to We will do our best to accommodate potential dates and topics.

Upcoming Meetings

There are no upcoming events at this time.