2008, Geneva

Overview of Topics Covered in IASC Weekly Meetings in 2008

Published Date

January 6, 2009
  • Briefing on the Situation in Kenya
  • Briefing on the Southern African Floods
  • Briefing on the IASC Priorities for 2008
  • Update on the Humanitarian Situation in Uganda
  • Introduction to IRIN's Short Film on Uganda 'Picking Up the Pieces'
  • Latest Developments in Chad
  • Follow-up Discussion on the IASC Weekly Survey
  • Update on UNRWA's Activities in OPT
  • Presentation on the activities of the ICRC in OPT
  • OCHA Update on the Humanitarian Situation in OPT
  • Briefing on the Insecurity in Gaza and its Impact on the Programme Implementation for UNFPA
  • Implications of Climate Variability and Change for the Humanitarian Community: Opportunities for Partnerships
  • Briefing on the Work of the IFRC Regarding Climate Change
  • Debriefing on OCHA's Recent Meetings on the Humanitarian Implications of Climate Change
  • Panel Update on the Humanitarian Challenges in the Democratic Republic of Congo based on recent Field Missions
  • Report on the 70th IASC Working Group Meeting
  • Panel Update on the Humanitarian Situation in Zimbabwe
  • Humanitarian Situation in Kenya
  • Humanitarian Situation in Comoros
  • Update the Humanitarian Situation in Zimbabwe
  • IRIN's coverage of the situation in Zimbabwe
  • Integrated Missions/Humanitarian Assistance
  • Update on Myanmar following cyclone Nargis
  • Private Sector Collaboration in Disaster Response
  • Kosovo
  • Myanmar-RTE
  • Iraq Scoping Mission
  • Kenya
  • Earthquake in Sichuan Province, China
  • Somalia
  • Sri Lanka
  • oPt
  • Civil-Military Coordination in Cyclone Nargis Response Operation
  • Update on the humanitarian situation in Djibouti
  • Humanitarian situation in Afghanistan
  • Update on the post-election displacement and protection in Kenya
  • Refugees International’s assessment mission in Eastern Chad
  • IRIN’s coverage of the humanitarian impact of climate change
  • Health response to the recent disasters in China and Myanmar
  • Briefing on high level fact-finding mission of the Human Rights Council to Gaza
  • Alternative ways of humanitarian intervention in the context of limited access (the case of Intersos’ programme in Somalia)
  • Tools to identify environmental impacts of natural disasters
  • Food crisis in West, Central, and East Africa
  • Briefing on initiatives ongoing in the West Africa region
  • OCHA/ISDR Guidance and Indicator Package for Implementing Priority Five of the Hyogo Framework for Action
  • Update on Pandemic Influenza Contingency
  • Update on ECOSOC
  • Briefing on humanitarian issues discussed in the UNFCCC climate change negotiations
  • Briefing on the GBV Subcluster System in Kenya
  • Briefing on the OHCHR’s Rapid Response Unit to Georgia.
  • Update on the gendered impact of violence in the Georgia conflict.
  • Briefing on the Outputs of the IASC Task Force on Safe Access to Firewood and Alternative Energy in Humanitarian Settings
  • Briefing on World Vision’s Global Future Volume on Neglected Emergencies
  • Revision of the Pilot Manual to the IASC Operational Guidelines on Protecting Persons Affected by Natural Disasters
  • Briefing on the Guidelines for the Interaction and Coordination of Military and Civilian Actors in Afghanistan
  • Briefing on the IASC Standby Capacity (GenCap)
  • Briefing on the situation of displaced children in the Central African Republic (CAR).
  • Inter-Agency (IA) Real Time Evaluations (RTEs) in Myanmar
  • Briefing on the Protection Challenges in the Humanitarian Context in Haiti
  • Briefing on the Humanitarian Response to the Floods in Yemen
  • Briefing on the New Political and Humanitarian Environment in the Central African Republic
  • Briefing on the Situation of Internally Displaced Children in Central African Republic
  • The Global Health Cluster: Working to improve the effectiveness of humanitarian health action
  • Briefing on the Humanitarian Situation in Georgia
  • Briefing on the Humanitarian and Refugee Situation in DRC & Uganda
  • Briefing on the Humanitarian Situation in Zimbabwe
  • Briefing on the Cholera-Outbreak in Zimbabwe

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