2009, Geneva

Overview of Topics Covered in IASC Weekly Meetings in 2009

Published Date

August 2, 2010
  • Briefing on World Vision's “Planet Prepare – Preparing Coastal Communities in Asia for Future Catastrophes"
  • AOB: Update on the current Gaza crisis
  • UNRWA: Briefing on the current crisis in Gaza
  • ICRC: Update on ICRC's operations
  • Islamic Relief: Update on the difficulties of delivering humanitarian aid in the Gaza strip
  • Briefing on the Gender Capacity (GenCap) Activities in Indonesia
  • Update on the Humanitarian Relief Initiative – In Preparation for the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2009 in Davos
  • Update on the Harmonisation of Needs Assessment Initiatives with reference to the assessments in Myanmar and Pakistan
  • Update on Needs Assessment Frameworks
  • Regional Inter-Agency Humanitarian Coordination Mechanisms in Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Joint WHO/UNICEF Briefing on Mental Health and Psycho-Social Support (MHPSS) in Gaza - Audio link from Jerusalem
  • Update on the Work of the IASC Task Force on Climate Change:
  • WMO’s Role in Disaster Risk Reduction and Update on the World Climate Conference 3
  • Update on Zimbabwe/cholera: (Audio line from Zimbabwe) Briefings by OCHA, WHO & MSF
  • Strengthening the Rule of Law in Conflict/Post-Conflict Situations: The Case of oPt
  • Briefing on WHO's World Health Day (9 April 2009): Health Facilities in Emergencies
  • Update on ICRC's Health Care in Danger Project
  • IASC Weekly Meeting on Early Warning and Early Action
  • IASC Weekly Meeting on Debriefing on 73rd IASC WG Meeting
  • IASC Weekly Meeting on DRC
  • WMO's Briefing on Risk Identification and Assessments 
  • UNDP's Briefing on the Global Risk Identification Programme (GRIP)
  • FAO's Approaches on Disaster Risk Management
  • Improving Disaster Response by Reducing Negative Environmental Impacts: Sri Lanka Case Study
  • Update on UNEP's work on Post-Conflict and Disaster Response and Recovery
  • Cluster Implementation in Myanmar and in Ethiopia
  • WHO's 2008 Health Action in Crises (HAC) Annual Report
  • UNRWA's Health Care and Health Conditions of Palestine Refugees in the Near East
  • IASC Weekly Meeting with RSG on HR of  IDPs
  • IASC Weekly Meeting on Pakistan
  • IASC Weekly Meeting on Sri Lanka
  • Briefing on Military Exercises in 2009 with a humanitarian component (NATO exercise, Asia-Pacific focused exercise, US-military sponsored exercise)
  • Update on the proposed NATO Information Fusion Centre
  • Earthquake Response and the Role of the International Search and Rescue Advisory Group (INSARAG)
  • IASC Weekly Meeting on Ethiopia
  • IASC Weekly meeting on GenCAP Project
  • Update on the IDP situation in Mindanao (Philippines)
  • IASC Weekly meeting on oPt
  • IASC Weekly meeting on the Financial Tracking Service
  • IASC Weekly meeting on the Humanitarian Accountability Partnership (HAP)
  • IASC Weekly meeting on the Climate Change Negotiations in Bangkok and challenges for humanitarian organisations
  • Presentation of the IDMC / NRC and OCHA study “Monitoring Disaster Displacement in the Context of Climate Change”
  • Briefing on the IFRC report “The economic crisis and its humanitarian impact on Europe”
  • Briefing on the WHO-Ministry of Health Needs Assessment in the Philippines following Typhoon Ketsana.
  • Briefing on the use of the cluster approach in Indonesia following the earthquake in West Sumatra

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