Terms of Reference for the Global Cluster Coordination Group

Published Date

Since the beginning of the cluster approach in 2005, Global Cluster Coordinators (GCCs) have met (convened by OCHA) to work together on areas of common concern and to share information. The Global Cluster Coordinator’s Group (GCCG) has never been an official IASC subsidiary body and has never had a formal Terms of Reference (TORs) or work plan, so meetings have tended to be held on an ad hoc basis and the group’s relationship with other bodies, as well as its membership, have been fluid. The GCCs lead partnerships of humanitarian actors that contribute significantly to emergency preparedness and response in their respective sectors and represent a collective view, which may be distinct from that of the Global Cluster Lead Agency. The GCCG has the potential, therefore, tocontribute positively to coordination-related decision-making, in support of country-level operations. These TORs set out the GCCG’s purpose, membership and modus operandi.