2021 Grand Bargain Workstream 6 Strategy Update

Published Date

Ahead of the Grand Bargain Annual Meeting 2021, the Signatories endorsed the Framework and the annexes for the Grand Bargain 2.0. In addition to existing workstreams, a new structure element was introduced – political caucuses, which will be focusing on specific strategic issues in an ad hoc manner, with clear objectives and a limited timeframe.

Following the Annual Meeting Workstream 6 determined that it has a continued role to support the achievement of the strategic objective and the enabling priorities of the Grand Bargain 2.0, alongside other forums, including IASC Results Group 2 and proposed caucuses. This completed template updates, incorporates and replaces the earlier evolution strategy Rev2 from March 2021, and maps the remaining political challenges, and the technical support needed to overcome them.

This contributes to the updated Grand Bargain 2.0 structure, with a clear overview of Workstream 6’s work in support of the political objectives, and which elements will be continued by other relevant forums, in particular, IASC Results Group 2.