Facilitation Group Sherpa Proposal for the strategic direction for the future of the Grand Bargain

Published Date

future proposalOn 1 February 2021, the Grand Bargain Eminent Person met with the Principals and Ministers of the Facilitation Group (UK, EU, OCHA, WFP, IFRC, SCHR/Oxfam) to discuss the status of the Grand Bargain, how it contributes to a more efficient and effective humanitarian response, and the way forward for the Grand Bargain leading to the June 2021 Annual Meeting and beyond. The meeting built on consultations at Grand Bargain constituency level, Facilitation Group Sherpa-level discussions, and individual inputs from the relevant workstreams.

The Eminent Person and the Facilitation Group Ministers and Principals endorsed a general direction for the future of the Grand Bargain after June 2021. Please find the details in the endorsed proposal here