Multi-year and flexible funding - Definitions Guidance

Published Date

Prepared by the workstream 7&8 (Enhanced Quality Funding), the purpose of this Definitions Guidance Summary is to clarify the definitions of multi-year and flexible funding in order to help Grand Bargain signatories with this year’s (2019) annual self-reporting process. To highlight, this Guidance Summary is not modifying the existing definitions of multi-year (OECD definition of multi-year) or flexible funding (Annex I of The Grand Bargain: A Shared Commitment to Better Serve People In Need) adopted by the Grand Bargain. Rather, this work is looking to provide clarity on the existing commitments. This guidance summary will also contribute to future work on multi-year and flexible funding to be undertaken by the workstream.

To further help Signatories use this guidance summary, please find in the accompanying document hypothetical examples of reporting against the Grand Bargain multi-year and flexible funding core commitments and indicators (Hypothetical Reporting Example).