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Strengthening data-driven transparency in response to Covid-19

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Liz Steele and Mark Brough share DI's experience of developing a new Covid-19 data visualisation, including incentives for organisations to improve the quality of the data they are publishing. The Grand Bargain recognised that greater data-driven transparency is essential for building trust, improving the visibility and accountability of donors and aid organisations and enabling a more coordinated and effective response towards affected populations.
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New Covid-19 funding data visualisation launched

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The World Bank Group and the Netherlands today launched a new prototype tool to visualise data on the international response to Covid-19. The tool has been developed by Development Initiatives as part of the Grand Bargain’s transparency workstream.

New IATI Humanitarian Data Portal launched

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Grand Bargain transparency workstream co-convenors, the World Bank Group and the Government of the Netherlands have today launched the new IATI Humanitarian Data Portal to support greater transparency of humanitarian assistance. The portal enables users to explore the humanitarian assistance provided by some of the world’s largest donors and humanitarian organisations.

The next step for humanitarian transparency - making IATI data more useful for decision-making

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Organised by the World Bank Group and the Netherlands as the Co-conveners of the transparency workstream together with Development Initiatives (DI), the second Grand Bargain transparency workshop was held on 14 May 2019 at the Centre for Humanitarian Data in the Hague. Over 50 participants attended the workshop, representing government donors, multi-lateral agencies, aid organisations and academic institutes.

Lessons from connecting IATI And FTS

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On 13-14 May, the Centre for Humanitarian Data and Development Initiatives will co-host a workshop on transparency, information sharing and data. The participants represent organizations that have committed to the Grand Bargain, an agreement between humanitarian donors and aid agencies focused on greater financial transparency and simplified reporting requirements.