News of More support and funding tools for local and national responders

WHO Strategy for localization - April 2022 Update

Published Date
Following the inception note on the WHO strategy for implementing localization at the field level in August 2021, please find below an update and key messages on why localization is important in health emer

Meeting of members of the Localization and Optimization of Response Mechanisms in Yemen

Published Date
At the invitation and self-support of Tamdeen Youth Foundation, a meeting of members of Civil Society Organizations' Initiative to Localize and Optimize Humanitarian Response Mechanisms in Yemen was held today at Tamdeen Youth Foundation to discuss the latest achievements in the preparatory phase plan, and to study the baseline.

A4EP video on localisation and proposition paper to intermediary caucus

Published Date
Please find below the proposition paper the Alliance for Empowering Partnership (A4EP) developed to contribute to the caucus on intermediaries.  A4EP also created an animation video with information on practice from local perspectives. Please find the links below.  Localisation : What does it mean? English

A4EP statement on Typhoon RAI and localisation

Published Date
Please find below the statement from A4EP on Typhoon RAI in the Philippines. A4EP is appealing for the Grand Bargain Signatories to adhere to their commitments to localization and support local organisations who are responding and assisting the communities affected by the typhoon. 

Caucus on the role of intermediaries

Published Date
Following the announcement of EP Jan Egeland to prioritise a caucus on the role of intermediaries in his letter in July 2021, Co-convenors of workstream 2 IFRC and Switzerland, along with SCHR, worked on initial thinking around the problem statement and the objective of the caucus.