News of Harmonise and simplify reporting requirements

Workstream 9 on harmonised reporting: New donors adopt the 8+3 template - November 2020 update

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Ahead of the upcoming end of the year (and of this year’s the Grand Bargain reporting period), the Co-Convenors of Workstream 9, Germany and ICVA, would like to share some news on the progress of the harmonized and simplified 8+3 reporting template. A number of signatories have previously indicated their support of the 8+3 Template and its implementation (see Grand Bargain website).
Harmonized reporting website

New website for harmonized reporting

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Workstream 9 (Harmonize and simplify reporting requirements) published a new website, where you can find all the information and resources in relation to the 8+3 reporting template. 

Harmonized Reporting Template finalized and ready for roll out

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Following the conclusion of the pilot phase of the harmonized reporting template, the 8+3 template has been finalized. The feedback from pilot participants was reviewed and some of the elements of the template were adjusted slightly to improve the usability of the template and the clarity of language.

Harmonizing Reporting Pilot "a significant improvement over existing donor templates"

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This review report details the results of the ‘Harmonizing Reporting Pilot’ and the experience of donors and partners with the harmonized reporting template, also called ‘8+3 template’. Piloting the harmonized reporting template for the last two years showed that most users view the new template as a significant improvement over existing donor templates, because it simplifies and standardizes the narrative reporting process considerably.