Harmonized Reporting Template (8+3 template) - final

Published Date

Following the conclusion of the pilot phase of the harmonized reporting template, the 8+3 template has been finalized. The feedback from pilot participants was reviewed and some of the elements of the template were adjusted slightly to improve the usability of the template and the clarity of language.

The findings of the final review confirmed that most users view the 8+3 template as a significant improvement compared to existing individual donor templates. The review process underlined that the 8+3 template represents a useful tool to reduce the reporting burden for partners, while providing the necessary information for donors.

At the Annual Meeting of the Grand Bargain, the 8+3 harmonized narrative template was highlighted by the Eminent Person as a success of the Grand Bargain that can now be scaled up. Adopting the finalized template represents a crucial opportunity for Signatories to implement their own individual GB commitments to harmonize and simplify reporting requirements, but also offers an opportunity to achieve collective progress regarding system-wide harmonization. The more donors adopt the 8+3 template as a standard, the greater the benefit of harmonization of the 8+3 template, reducing the reporting burden across the humanitarian system. Some donors and UN agencies have committed to do so already, but more Signatories need to adopt the template in order to achieve the collective progress that the Grand Bargain intends to achieve.

The Co-Conveners of Workstream 9, Germany and ICVA, as well as GPPi remain available to give guidance to Signatories interested in adopting the template.


Johannes Sender, Germany, s08-20@diplo.de

Jeremy Rempel, ICVA, Jeremy.Rempel@icvanetwork.org

Alexander Gaus, GPPi, harmonizingreporting@gppi.net