IASC, Growing the Sheltering Tree: Protecting Rights through Humanitarian Action: Programmes & Practices Gathered from the Field, 2002

Published Date

Recognizing that people working in zones of conflict or under oppressive regimes, have already developed many innovative methods and programmes to prevent or mitigate abuses, it was decided to identify and share these practices in the hope that they could be adapted for use by humanitarian colleagues also working in difficult circumstances. The Growing the Sheltering Tree Project includes a book, containing programmes and practices gathered from the field, and this interactive website.

The book contains six chapters:

1) Chapter one introduces humanitarian assistance on how we work and how we witness

2) Chapter two presents humanitarian assistance and protection: developing an integrated approach

3) The third chapter brings together broader initiatives and approaches to strengthen the protection environment

4) Chapter four introduces preserving, protecting life, health and dignity through humanitarian action

5) In chapter five, the promotion and protection of the rights of specific groups is presented

6) Finally, chapter six contains remedial activities and action to ensure accountability