IASC, Human Rights Guidance Note for Humanitarian Coordinators, 2006

Published Date

Human rights are a bedrock requirement for the realization of the United Nations Charter’s vision. Although some UN agencies have expressly designated mandates, and possess specialized technical expertise in different aspects of the promotion, protection and realization of human rights, it is incumbent on all entities to address human rights concerns as part of their routine work programme. The guidance note provides Humanitarian Coordinators (HCs) with a specific, clear and field-oriented tool to facilitate the integration of human rights into humanitarian action. It also facilitates and encourages agencies to clarify their role vis-à vis the integration of the human rights agenda into their activities.

The guidance note begins by setting human rights law in context, and discusses its relevance to humanitarian action. Subsequent sections provide assistance to HCs for the gathering and assessment of human rights-related information and for the application of this information. The guidance note concludes with suggestions regarding the forms of human rights partnership and coordination systems which HCs might consider establishing, such as integrating human rights into the Consolidated Appeals Process.