Recording of the IASC Briefing on Humanitarian Development and Peace Collaboration in Practice Mapping Good Practices

Published Date

Strengthening the humanitarian-development collaboration was identified by donors, NGOs, crisis-affected States and other stakeholders as a top priority at the World Humanitarian Summit (WHS). Five years since the World Humanitarian Summit, there is an increasing body of experience in implementing nexus approaches. However, good practices and lessons learned generated at country level, do not have a platform to ensure knowledge transfer between country operations and/or at the global level. Recognizing this gap, the Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC) conducted a mapping of good practice in the implementation of the nexus in more than 15 contexts producing a synthesis report and country briefs.

This briefing was a opportunity to discuss the findings and recommendations of the IASC Mapping of Good Practice in the Implementation of Humanitarian-Development Peace Nexus Approaches, Synthesis Report.  It was a great opportunity also to consider the next steps to ensure successful nexus approaches and take stock of the support provided by the IASC to humanitarian-development collaboration.