IASC, Saving Lives Together: A Framework for Improving Security Arrangements Among IGOs, NGOs and UN in the Field, 2015

Published Date

The IASC framework for Saving Lives Together is a series of recommendations geared towards enhancing security collaboration between the United Nations, International Non-Governmental Organisations and International Organisations. 

The nine goals for enhanced collaboration are:

  1. Timely sharing of security incident reports and alerts
  2. Timely responses to queries on SLT related issues
  3. Supporting the resolution of security coordination problems which may arise in the field
  4. Supporting the coordination of security incident response measures in the field
  5. Sharing of contact information between security managers of SLT partner organisations
  6. Collecting, compiling and cross-checking information for regular security reports and coordinate mutual assistance in maintaining relevant security incident databases
  7. Making training events available to security managers of SLT partner organisations, when feasible
  8. Organizing workshops and conferences to enhance mutual knowledge and understanding of UN, INGO, and IO security collaboration
  9. Exploring further areas of security cooperation between the UN, INGOs and IOs

This document supersedes the 2006 document of the same name, linked below.