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UN Implementing Partner PSEA Capacity Assessment

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The Assessment consists of the following five components: 1) a partner self-assessment; 2) UN review and preliminary determination of partner capacity; 3) documented decision including capacity-strengthening implementation plan; 4)  appropriate monitoring and support activities; and 5) and final determination of partner capacity. To avoid multiple assessments, common partners only need to be assessed by one UN entity, and it is anticipated that the tool will be shared through the UN Partner Portal.

By promoting a common UN and IASC capacity assessment, the UN and its implementing partners will benefit from increased transparency and reduced processes. UN funds, agencies and programmes will have the necessary assurance of partners’ organizational capacities on Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse with this assessment.  It will provide a common baseline for the UN and partners, in line with the minimum standards of the United Nations Protocol on Allegations of Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Involving Implementing Partners.