Call for interest - Thematic Working Groups

Call for interest - Thematic Working Groups

Published Date

April 19, 2018

The IASC Task Team is opening a series of sector-specific Working Groups to develop content
for each sectorial chapter of the guidelines. Each working group will be supported by a consultant or a
working group lead (please refer to the "Call for Consultants" Terms of Reference for more information).

Task Team members, or members of their organizations, are invited to join one or more Working Groups.

Topics for the WGs will be the following (to be adapted according to interests and expertise available):  

  • Food security and nutrition, including livelihood
  • Health
  • Water, sanitation and hygiene
  • Protection
  • Shelter & settlements
  • Camp coordination and camp management
  • Education in emergency
  • Early recovery
  • Operation support services (logistic and telecommunication
  • Inter-agency coordination (inclusing cross-cutting issues such as data collection, etc). 

Tasks of the Working groups: 
Each Working Group will be providing expert inputs for the drafting of the sector chapter, based
on the findings from the consultancies and their own experiences, such as case studies and existing key resources that should be included as reference to the chapter. Furthermore, WG members will be expected to contribute in writing the chapter and ensuring that it follows both the sector standards and the appropriate input on inclusion of persons with disabilities within their sectors.

Please refer to the attached document for more information.