Final IASC Product Guideline

Final IASC Product Guideline

Published Date

March 6, 2017

This guide has been developed at the request of the IASC Working Group to ensure that IASC Products are high quality, well targeted, widely distributed, and effectively implemented.  It provides tips and advice on the development, publication and distribution of IASC products with the aim of increasing their relevance and use in the field.

It targets those intending to develop IASC products; authors or expert groups - the ‘product originators’.

IMPORTANT: Generally, the product originators need to show that the good practice in this guideline has been followed before the IASC Principals or the IASC Working Group will consider the endorsement of a product.

This document follows the following structure:
(1) Thinking Ahead
(2) Product Development and Technical Guidance
(3) Endorsement of the Product by the IASC
(4) Distribution of the Products and its Application
(5) Monitoring and Revision
Attached to this guideline is a checklist for product developers and those distributing the final
product. It should be read together with this guidance.