Report from the Pacific Consultation

Report from the Pacific Consultation

Published Date

April 3, 2018

The outcomes of a multi-stakeholder workshop held in Geneva in October 20171 included a draft
outline of the IASC guidelines. The outline together with a draft 0 of the guidelines (not for circulation)
were provided to the participants and used as a trigger for discussion.

The sessions were interactive and primarily organised around working groups that were tasked to
discuss the different parts of the guidelines and respond to a number of questions that have been
integrated into the guidelines’ draft 02 .Participants were also instructed to use regional / national
experiences and practices to inform their discussions and many examples were shared and discussed
within groups, ensuring that exchanges and responses to the questions were evidenced-based.

On both days, time was dedicated to the presentation of Pacific experiences. Five DPOs and two
humanitarian stakeholders shared their practices with the participants. These presentations were
conducted in a town hall format with a short introduction of the situation and then open discussion
with the room. The presentations were very much appreciated by the participants as background
information and setting the scene of the regional context related to inclusion of persons with
disabilities in humanitarian action.

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See the attached report for full details on the outcomes of the discussions and the resulting recommandations. 

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