Scale-Up Protocol for the Control of Infectious Disease Events Endorsed by the IASC Principals

Published Date

On 4 April 2019, the Emergency Relief Coordinator circulated the IASC Protocol for scaling-up the humanitarian response to infectious disease events following the endorsement of the IASC principals. In addition to major humanitarian crises triggered by natural disasters or conflicts, infectious disease events, including outbreaks, can result in a Humanitarian System-wide Scale-Up activation (i.e. ‘Scale-Up activation’) to ensure a more effective response.

Scale-Up activation procedures for infectious disease events build on the InterAgency Standing Committee (IASC) Scale-Up activation protocols, with adjustments to reflect the potential evolution of an infectious event, the roles of the World Health Organization (WHO) and its Director-General and Member States under the International Health Regulations (IHR) (2005), and the importance of non-IASC organizations in responding to infectious disease events. These procedures also recognize that many infectious hazards are of animal origin, with the response incorporating a ‘One Health’ approach.