IASC Reference Module for Cluster Coordination at Country Level, revised July 2015

Published Date

The Cluster Coordination and Reference Module is one of the Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC) Transformative Agenda Protocols. This module outlines the basic elements of cluster coordination and intends to serve as a reference guide for field practitioners to help facilitate their work and improve humanitarian outcomes.

The reference module includes eight sections:

  1. Cluster and Sector Coordination
  2. Cluster Activation
  3. Cluster Functions
  4. The Role of Clusters in Preparedness
  5. Cluster Management Arrangements
  6. Sharing Leadership
  7. Minimum Commitments for Participation in Clusters
  8. Inter-Cluster Coordination, Sub-National Coordination, Monitoring Cluster Coordination

This document is a revision of the 2013 Module of the same name.