Coordinating System-Wide Efforts to Respond to COVID-19 - IASC Newsletter No.6 - October 202

Click here to read the Sixth edition of the IASC Newsletter, where we take a look at:

  • An Overview of the Humanitarian Impact of the COVID-19 Crisis
  • System-Wide Emergency Procedures Activated to Scale-up the Respond to the COVID-19 Crisis
  • The Global Humanitarian Response Plan 
  • Strengthening Logistics Support to be Able to Stay and Deliver  
  • Funding Flexibility 
  • IASC latest guidance, including the IASC’s Interim Guidance on Public Health and Social Measures for COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Operations in Low Capacity and Humanitarian Settings, and the IASC Light Guidance on Collective Outcomes
  • IASC latest briefings and Peer-2-Peer webinars