IASC Strategic Priorities, 2019-2020

Published Date
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Every two years, and as required, the IASC agrees on priorities that strengthen the effectiveness and efficiency of collective humanitarian action, specifically to save lives and reduce suffering.

The term of the IASC structures were extended for one year by the IASC Principals, until December 2021.

Current IASC Priorities 2019-2020 are therefore still valid.

For 2019-2020, the priorities of the IASC are as follows:

Humanitarian Financing

  • Closing the funding gap (deepening and widening the resource base)
  • Links with the World Bank in fragile contexts
  • Dialogue with donor countries, including GHD

Accountability and Inclusion

  • Prevention of sexual exploitation and abuse (PSEA) and sexual harassment
  • Accountability to affected populations
  • Partnerships beyond the IASC 

Collective Advocacy

  • International Humanitarian Law / Protection of Civilians
  • Humanitarian access
  • Protection of aid workers
  • Preventing and ending conflicts 

Humanitarian-Development Collaboration

  • Operationalizing the humanitarian-development nexus in the field to reduce risks and vulnerabilities
  • Safeguarding humanitarian principles and diverse partnerships
  • Addressing humanitarian crises in urban settings

Operational Response

  • Humanitarian system-wide emergency activation
  • Coordination arrangements
  • Humanitarian leadership
  • Multi-year planning
  • Early warning and preparedness

Work towards these priorities should support related Grand Bargain commitments, such as participation and localisation.