New York IASC Events

New York IASC Events

New York IASC Events

The IASC secretariat organizes events in New York to provide a forward-looking forum for information sharing among humanitarian organizations, where humanitarian practitioners can share resources, discuss humanitarian practices, or simply seek feedback from peers on new initiatives. The forum helps IASC colleagues to keep abreast of major operational and policy developments affecting their work. It is open to non-IASC organizations.

Past agenda items have comprised briefings on humanitarian emergencies; thematic issues covered by the IASC Working Group and the IASC subsidiary bodies (e.g. humanitarian access, humanitarian funding, preparedness) and/or cross-cutting issues (such as climate change, urbanization and food crisis); and debriefings on relevant missions and meetings.

Suggestions for Future New York IASC Informal Events?

All IASC organizations and affiliates are encouraged to make proposals for the agenda. For suggestions please contact a member of the IASC Secretariat in New York or e-mail:

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If you are interested in being added to the invitation list for the New York IASC Events, please write to, with the subject line "NY IASC Events Mailing List" and please include your full name and organizational affiliation. You will receive a confirmation once added to the list.

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