Subsidiary Bodies

Subsidiary Bodies

Subsidiary Bodies

IASC subsidiary bodies - Task Teams and Reference Groups - are mandated by the IASC to work on specific tasks and thematic areas. Members of these groups provide technical expertise and are in regular contact with those in the field to ensure field relevant solutions. 

The poster found below highlights the targets and planned products for 2017 for all of the Subsidiary Bodies:

Task Teams/Priorities

Time-bound, task-oriented Task Teams are established by the Working Group to work towards the expected outcomes of a thematic priority. Each Task Team is co-chaired by two IASC organizations, ideally one UN and one non-UN; and each priority has a WG level Sponsor. Their tasks can be the development of standards, common tools and guidelines, piloting inter-agency initiatives in the field, development or organization of trainings on new policies, conducting field or academic studies, or providing technical inputs or sector specific guidance in emergencies.  

  1. Accountability to Affected Populations and Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse
  2. Humanitarian Financing
  3. Strengthening the Humanitarian/Development Nexus with a Focus on Protracted Contexts
  4. Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Humanitarian Action

Reference Groups

Reference Groups are voluntary communities of practice affiliated to, but not directly overseen by, the IASC. They are composed of technical experts from the IASC organizations and build a forum for exchange of knowledge in topics that are cross-cutting issues or remain relevant for the IASC, although not a current priority. Reference Groups are free to organize their structure and leadership. They can bring topics to the Working Group through their sponsor or Working Group members. 

  1. Risk, Early Warning and Preparedness 
  2. Gender and Humanitarian Action
  3. Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in Emergency Settings
  4. Principled Humanitarian Action 

Closed Subsidiary Bodies

A list of closed groups, teams, and subsidiary bodies is also available.