Results Groups

Results Groups

Results Groups

Icon of IASC Results Group 1 on Enhanced Operational Response - four arrows converging on a point Icon of IASC Results Group 2 on Enhanced Accountability and Inclusion - an equilateral triangle with large points at each corner Icon of IASC Results Group 3; Greater Impact of Collective Advocacy - three figures stood shoulder-to-shoulder Icon of IASC Results Group 4 on Improved Humanitarian-Development Collaboration - four arrows converging on a point Icon of IASC Results Group 5 on Improved Humanitarian Financing - a sack with a dollar sign on it


Technical experts from the IASC members come together in Results Groups to tackle policy challenges under the IASC Strategic Priorities. They work to develop common narratives and policies and to establish best practice using their collective expertise. IASC Results Groups are tasked to meet quarterly but in practice do so more frequently. They report on their progress and outputs to the Operational Policy and Advocacy Group, who can recommend that their guidance is endorsed by the IASC as an IASC Product.

The five IASC Results Groups are timebound and responsible for delivering the agreed normative/system-wide outputs under each of the five IASC Strategic Priorities for the biennium. Their support may also be sought to review guidelines produced by inter-agency bodies outside of the formal IASC structure, after vetting by the IASC secretariat. The five Results Groups report to the Operational Policy and Advocacy Group (OPAG), with strong linkages to the Emergency Directors Group to ensure that their work is reflective of and responsive to field needs and realities.

Each Results Group comprises representatives with substantive and technical knowledge of the relevant area and is co-chaired by two IASC members, nominated by IASC members, in two-yearly rotation.

You can find the work and pages of closed IASC bodies here.



The cover page of the IASC Subsidiary Bodies Report 2018, which shows the publication date as March 2019

Prior to the IASC reform in January 2019, the function of today’s Results Groups was carried out by the IASC Task Teams and Reference Groups, accountable to the Working Group. This report presents key activities and outcomes of the work of these IASC subsidiary bodies in 2018.

[Draft] Revised Priority Areas of Work for the IASC Results Groups, 2019

The first page of the Results Groups Priority areas, the text is illegible.

As the IASC Results Groups have embarked upon their initial Priority Areas of Work for 2019, the scope and ownership of their priorities have evolved to reflect the specificities of the tasks and deliverables.