IASC Gender with Age Marker (GAM), 2018

Published Date

With more than 130 million affected by crises, efforts to improve the quality of humanitarian response over the past 20 years have produced an abundance of tools, guidelines and markers, especially with respect to gender equality.

For the first time, humanitarian experts have designed a tool which, based on a code, provides an automatic and objective calculation of the quality of humanitarian programming. The Gender with Age Marker, which replaces the old IASC Gender Marker, has been piloted since 2015. The IASC GAM codes programs and projects on a 0-4 scale, based on responses to questions about 12 key gender equality measures. Users consistently report finding the multiple choice questions easy to answer, and the simple guidance provided with the results, helpful.

The GAM is much more than a gender marker with a monitoring phase as well as a design phase. It examines levels of accountability, protection and addresses the concept of “leaving no one behind”.    

For more information, see: www.iascgenderwithagemarker.com