IASC, Strengthening the Humanitarian Coordinator System: What is our goal and how do we get there?, 2006

Published Date

In order to ensure that the humanitarian community, as represented by the IASC, is collectively able to identify, mentor, select, train, appoint and hold individuals accountable, and that it can deliver the most effective leadership in humanitarian emergencies, the IASC Principals in 2006 came up with five key points designed to strengthen the Humanitarian Coordinator system.

The five key points followed by action points are:
1) Strengthened commitment to coordination at the field level by all humanitarian partners
2) Greater inclusiveness, transparency and ownership in the appointment of Humanitarian Coordinators
3) Clearer accountability of Humanitarian Coordinators to the humanitarian community.
4) Appropriate training and induction are in place to prepare and support Humanitarian Coordinators to take over their functions
5) Humanitarian Coordinators are adequately supported in their work