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Reminder - Call for nominations for the IASC HC Pool

Published Date

Further to recent discussion at the Emergency Directors’ level regarding challenges in identifying humanitarian leaders, particularly for RC/HC positions, I am writing to call for nominations for the IASC HC Pool.

The IASC HC Pool is a roster of humanitarian leaders from the UN, Red Cross/Red Crescent Movement, NGOs and other organizations who have been screened by the IASC as potential candidates for Humanitarian Coordinator positions.

In recent years, we have been quite successful in making sure that HC Pool members and other qualified humanitarian leaders were selected for HC, RC/HC, DSRSG/RC/HC, RHC and DHC posts. To date, half of these posts are filled with HC Pool members as compared to 13% in 2009, when the pool was set up.

The shortage of qualified humanitarian candidates remains however the main impediment to deploying the right leaders in the right place. While the HC Pool has grown over the years to include 103 humanitarian leaders, only a very small number of them are actually available for immediate deployment, including less than 5 women and candidates from non-Western countries.

I therefore seek your support in nominating high calibre candidates, preferably women and candidates from non-Western countries, for the HC Pool to ensure that we can continue to put forward strong humanitarian leaders for relevant positions in the future.

Please disseminate this call for application widely among your staff.

Agencies should send nominations, together with a detailed CV of the candidates (PHP, P11 or equivalent) to the Talent Management Coordinator, Ms. Claudia Purpura at by 30 September 2015.

For further information, please check the attached HC Pool Info Note and the Candidates’ Guide and/or the humanitarianresponse website.