IASC Work Plan 2019-2020

IASC Work Plan 2019-2020

Published Date

January 31, 2019

The IASC workplan 2019-2020 outlines the Strategic Priorities for the IASC and how each of the formal subsidiary structures under the IASC will focus their efforts on delivering against them. It gives, for each strategic priority, the anticipated outcomes, the actions towards each, and examples of supporting actions that could contribute.

The overarching strategic priorities are:

Four purple arrows converging on a point, the icon used for IASC strategic priority 1 on operational response

Strategic Priority 1:
Operational Response
Through maximising timeliness, apropriateness, transparency and cost effectiveness

A red equilateral triangle with large points at each corner - used as the icon of IASC Strategic Priority 2 on Accountability and Inclusion

Strategic Priority 2:
Accountability and Inclusion
Through proactively eradicating abuse and systematically including feedback and representation

Three yellow figures standing shoulder-to-shoulder - used as the icon for IASC Strategic Priority 3 on Collective Advocacy

Strategic Priority 3:
Collective Advocacy
Through maximising the influence and credibility of targeted, informed and collective leadership

Improved Humanitarian Financing

Strategic Priority 4:
Humanitarian-Development Collaboration
Through maximising long-term impact, while safeguarding humanitarian space and principles

A blue sack of money, the icon used for IASC Strategic Priority 5 on Humanitarian Financing

Strategic Priority 5:
Humanitarian Financing
Through focusing on addressing specific gaps with transparent collective funding supported by sound evidence

These strategic priorities were translated into the below two year workplan which was endorsed by the Principals in January 2019.

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