Inter-Agency Humanitarian Evaluations Steering Grounp, Synthesis of key findings from Inter-Agency Humanitarian Evaluations of the international responses to crises in the Philippines (Typhoon Haiyan), South Sudan and the Central African Republic, 2016

Published Date

The report presents a synthesis of the three Inter-Agency Humanitarian Evaluations conducted - in the Philippines (2014), South Sudan (2015) and Central African Republic (2015) - seeking to identify key themes, good practices, and challenges encountered by the humanitarian system in responding to large-scale humanitarian crisis.

The three IAHEs hold a critical mirror up to the attempts to deliver coordinated humanitarian responses according to the IASC-approved structures, processes and policies, often with limited resources and within extremely difficult operating environments. In this regard, the common topics discussed in the report are Needs Assessment, Strategic Planning, Coordiantion models and mechanisms, the Enagement of national and local stakeholders and last but not least the concept of a Level 3 emergency and the implications for empowered leadership.