IASC Special Event: ‘Resilience: What does it mean in practice?’ - A Panel Discussion

Published Date
6 February 2013, 10h00-12h00, Conference Room XI, Palais des Nations, Geneva 'Resilience' is the new buzz word - but what does it actually mean and how can it be conceptualised? This IASC special event is an opportunity to gain a better understanding of how resilience can support affected people and what the role of humanitarians could be. The panellists will present different perspectives on resilience and what it could mean in practice. The discussion will focus on how resilience relates to different approaches such as Preparedness and Disaster Risk Reduction and which role humanitarian organisations can play. The presentations and discussions will illustrate how a resilience approach could look like and what the different organisational and individual responsibilities in this approach would be. Agenda 10h00 – Opening Remarks (TBC) 10h15 – Introductory presentations by panel members 11h00 – Discussion, including questions from the audience 12h00 – Closing remarks Panellists Mr. Neil Buhne, Director UNDP Bureau of Crisis Prevention and Recovery, Geneva Mr. Thomas Gurtner, Resident Coordinator/Humanitarian Coordinator, Chad Mr. Francois Guenewald, Executive Director Groupe URD Mr. Gabriel Pictet, Unit Manager, Community Health and Innovation, IFRC