ActionAid Policy Brief “Bargaining for Better: Bringing a Feminist Lens to the Grand Bargain 2.0”

Published Date

ActionAid has collaborated with over twenty WROs and WLOs partners in 10 countries to gather their thoughts and perspectives on how to shape and implement the Grand Bargain 2.0 so that it is more effective for women and girls. The attached policy brief compiles the findings and through their collective voices has developed key recommendations for the implementation and future of the Grand Bargain 2.0. Women leaders told us being aware of the Grand Bargain as well as being interested in participating more deeply. The Grand Bargain 2.0 is an opportunity to make that engagement meaningful and to achieve effective localisation that works for, and empowers, women and girls affected by crisis.

The Grand Bargain 2.0 must therefore ensure that WROs and WLOs can meaningfully engage at all levels of the humanitarian system and in the Grand Bargain, at global and national level.  To do so, as members of the Facilitation Group should promote an inclusive Grand Bargain governance and operational framework. It is also paramount that you lead by example within signatories making commitments so WROs and WLOs can access sufficient and consistent funding, which is a key component of localisation; and can join equal and equitable partnerships with all international humanitarian actors.