Consultancy for study: progress in addressing the Humanitarian Financing Gap

Published Date

The Netherlands is looking for a consultancy for a study to be conducted in the next few months on efforts and progress towards addressing the Humanitarian Financing Gap.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 has led to an increase of humanitarian needs. While donors have rushed to increase their financial contributions to the global humanitarian response, a gap between humanitarian needs and available humanitarian resources persist.

In 2016, the High Level Panel on Humanitarian Financing presented its report «Too Important To Fail – Addressing the Humanitarian Financing Gap». The Panel recommended actions in three broad areas: 1) shrinking the needs: a shared responsibility, 2) deepen and broaden the resource base for humanitarian action, and 3) improve delivery: a Grand Bargain on efficiency.

While the global context and domestic political contexts have changed in the last four years, the recommendations of the High Level Panel might still continue to be relevant and might provide important insights to determine a way forward to address the humanitarian financing gap.  

Besides the Grand Bargain, what has been done and achieved since then, especially in the spirit of the recommendations of the pillars 1 and 2 of the HLP Report? What can we learn from this?  

Please find attached the ToRs for the study. Please share them within your networks. If you are interested to work with us on these questions then please contact or