Covid-19: tracking local humanitarian action and complementary partnerships

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covid trackingCovid-19 has caused a substantial shock across the humanitarian sector. Travel restrictions mean that international initiatives and staff cannot be deployed, which has led to a renewed focus on the role of local actors.

The pandemic could usher in more local forms of humanitarian action and more complementarity between local and international actors. To document the role of local actors in the context of Covid-19, HPG-ODI developed a mapping tool ‘Covid-19: tracking local humanitarian action and complementary partnerships’.

It collates evidence of change in commitments and practice at different levels and maps how complementary ways of working contribute to humanitarian outcomes in existing and emerging humanitarian crises during the pandemic.

Use this mapping tool to identify how change is happening in the humanitarian system – triggered by the shifting operational environment – to enable more local leadership, local humanitarian action and complementarity.

If you have any questions regarding the mapping tool or the data displayed, please contact HPG-ODI at To contribute to this mapping tool, submit evidence of change and contributions from your work, your organisation or others by completing this form.