The Danish Refugee Council joins the Grand Bargain

Published Date

Following a successful application, the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) is the newest, 64th Signatory to the Grand Bargain.

The Grand Bargain now includes 64 Signatories (25 states, 11 UN Agencies, 5 inter-governmental organizations and Red Cross/Red Crescent Movements and 23 NGOs).

By joining the Grand Bargain, DRC is looking forward to an exciting collaboration with likeminded humanitarian agencies on the most crucial issues impacting humanitarian programming. “The issues addressed by the Grand Bargain identified in 2016 were not new at the time, are still very valid today and probably will continue for some time ahead. They affect all of us from field to HQ level and across all sectors and units. There are no magic solutions to them. However, the Grand Bargain remains the most likely forum to find solutions. Together we can try and make the shift happen,” says DRC Secretary General Charlotte Slente. “By engaging DRC will have the opportunity to influence the humanitarian reform agenda and strengthens alliances while staying better prepared for the future.”

As the key to success is often a clear focus, DRC will initially have a specific focus on Quality Funding and Localisation as a member of the Grand Bargain. “These are two clear priorities of the Grand Bargain 2.0 as the most powerful drivers of change across the humanitarian ecosystem, creating a shift toward more humanitarian responses that are truly led by the communities we serve with predictable funding going to the responders at field level. Additionally, it mirrors two of the key areas of the new DRC Strategy 2025,” says Charlotte Slente, Secretary General at the Danish Refugee Council. In the spirit of the Grand Bargain, DRC will however thrive and support improvements across all commitments, not least given their interdependent nature.