Development Actors and the Nexus: Lessons from crises in Bangladesh, Cameroon and Somalia

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dev actors and nexusPublished by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Development Initiatives and Norwegian Refugee Council, this report explores, from the vantage point of development cooperation, how to operationalise the ‘triple nexus’ of humanitarian−development−peace (HDP) action across five key areas: 1) partnerships and strategy, 2) coordination and joined-up planning, 3) programming, 4) financing and 5) organisational issues.

This synthesis report brings together findings from three country studies carried out in 2020 on Bangladesh, Cameroon and Somalia and draws out common themes, lessons and considerations from the country studies, see links below. These can provide useful insights into how to operationalise new and better ways of working across the humanitarian, development and peace communities.

This report represents an initial effort to scope out, from a humanitarian’s perspective, how development actors − such as multilateral development banks (MDBs), bilateral donors and UN agencies − approach and operate in protracted humanitarian crises as a way to identify both the differences and areas of synergy, and to foster mutual understanding among HDP actors.