Friends of Gender: Guidance notes on how to promote gender equality through the Grand Bargain commitments

Published Date

The Grand Bargain Friends of Gender Group published new guidance notes on how to promote gender equality through localisation, participation, cash and voucher assistance and humanitarian needs assessments.

The technical guidance notes have been developed by UN Women, with inputs from bilateral donors, UN agencies and INGOs, who are members of the Grand Bargain Friends of Gender Group, as well as local women’s organizations. The Technical Guidance Notes are how-to guides, with checklists and additional resources listed. These guidance notes are also relevant for initiatives and interventions in the context of COVID 19 given the focus on:

  • Quality partnerships, funding and institutional strengthening of local women’s organizations;
  • Communication with affected communities; measures and mechanisms to enhance accountability to crisis affected women and girls (including on Protection Against Sexual Exploitation and Abuse-PSEA);
  • Integrating a strong gender analysis and perspective in cash and voucher assistance (and its links to livelihoods and protection-EVAWG agenda);
  • Increasing financial and technical resources for collection, analysis and dissemination of SADD and gender statistics (including supporting analysis of needs and priorities of crisis affected and at risk women and girls along the humanitarian-development nexus).