New IATI Humanitarian Data Portal launched

Published Date

Grand Bargain transparency workstream co-convenors, the World Bank Group and the Government of the Netherlands have today launched the new IATI Humanitarian Data Portal to support greater transparency of humanitarian assistance. The portal enables users to explore the humanitarian assistance provided by some of the world’s largest donors and humanitarian organisations.

The new portal has been developed by Development Initiatives and Zimmerman as part of the Grand Bargain’s transparency workstream, which is led by the World Bank Group and the Netherlands. It allows users to track how Signatories are progressing against their data publication transparency commitments under the Grand Bargain, as well as exploring the data they publish to the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) on their humanitarian activities.

The IATI Humanitarian Data Portal is expected to support Signatories in a number of the commitments they made in 2016 to improve the access and use of humanitarian data to foster greater transparency and effective decision-making.

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