Survey - Future of the Grand Bargain

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surveyThe Grand Bargain was set-up in 2016 to strengthen efficiency and effectiveness of the humanitarian system. As the Grand Bargain enters its fifth year in 2021, the Signatories will make a decision on what should come after 2021. To that purpose, the Facilitation Group will develop a proposal on the future of the Grand Bargain. The proposal will be based on the findings of inclusive and participatory consultations with Signatories and non-Signatories. 

Earlier this year, we already engaged in several consultations, which culminated in the ODI think piece shared ahead of the Annual Meeting. To build upon these discussions, as a first step, the Facilitation Group would like to invite you to complete a survey on the future of the Grand Bargain before 18 October 2020. As we want to collect as many quantitative data as it is possible, we kindly ask you to share the survey widely within your institution. Building on the survey findings, as well as the ODI think-piece published in June 2020, the Facilitation Group will then carry out consultations at constituency level in October/November 2020, followed by individual bilateral consultations with key stakeholders if needed.

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Thank you for taking the survey and sharing your thoughts with us! For further information, please reach out to