Taking joint needs analysis to new heights: the JIAF Strategic Moment of Reflection

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jiafThe Joint Intersectoral Analysis Framework (JIAF) is a methodologically new approach to analyzing the multiple needs of populations in crisis. It is a key Grand Bargain deliverable of workstream 5 (Improve joint and impartial needs assessments) and is used by all countries preparing a humanitarian response within the Humanitarian Programme Cycle.

The JIAF is based on a recognition that the humanitarian system can deliver better and more effectively when we understand people’s vulnerabilities and drivers of need in a more holistic way, beyond a traditional ‘sector by sector’ lens. The ultimate aim of the JIAF is to improve the way humanitarian actors jointly plan and respond to crises, and to provide rigorous evidence to support the prioritization of financial resources to populations and localities in greatest need of humanitarian assistance. 

jiaf3What’s new

Following an independent review of the JIAF, eight humanitarian UN agencies [WHO, UNICEF, WFP, UNHCR, FAO, IOM, OCHA, UNFPA], global clusters, donors, NGOs and specialized organizations, from HQ and the field, came together for the JIAF Strategic Moment of Reflection [SMR] workshop, at the Delegation of the European Union in Geneva.  All participating agencies reaffirmed their commitment to this new, joined-up way of working and committed to: 

  1. Installing even more trust and confidence in magnitude and severity estimations, sharpening the focus through a more replicable, transparent process, that is also simpler to implement in crisis countries. 
  2. Improving the quality of strategic humanitarian response plans, through an enhanced cross-sectoral analysis of vulnerabilities and drivers of need. 

What next

The JIAF was first rolled out in 2020 within the Humanitarian Programme Cycle. By better understanding who is affected by a crisis, how and why, JIAF outputs can be used to inform joined-up/cross-sectoral plans and responses (multi-purpose cash, area-based programming, humanitarian-development social safety net interventions). For more information, please visit jiaf.info.