UN Common Cash Statement - September 2020 Update

Published Date

On behalf of the signatories of the UN Common Cash Statement – WFP, UNHCR, UNICEF and OCHA, we are pleased to share an update on progress made since the launch of the Statement. The Questions & Answers document outlines the UNCCS fundamentals, and the achievements and challenges in the seven focus countries (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, CAR, DRC, Ecuador, Niger and Yemen)  and through the two global workstreams i) Collaborative Procurement; and ii) Data/Systems Interoperability. Some of the highlights include:

  • Common cash transfer mechanisms in +25 countries
  • Progress on the country action plans in the three areas (1. Collaborative procurement, 2. Data/ Systems interoperability 3. Harmonization of programme design), above all on common procurement and joint programming
  • Joint Guidance on Collaborative Procurement of Financial Services disseminated
  • UNICEF/ WFP/ UNHCR Data Sharing Agreement Commitment to be signed in the coming weeks
  • Minimum Core Data Set for Assistance of Vuln. Populations agreed amongst the wider humanitarian community
  • Renewed discussion with CWGs, IOM, FAO, IFRC, ICRC and CCD with an aim to pursue wider collaboration


While COVID-19 has certainly brought complexities to the UNCCS, the strength of collaboration for accelerating responses has been evident in the surge of collaborative procurement and shared delivery mechanisms. COVID-19 has however postponed field support missions and the deployment of technical expertise, foreseen to start early this year. Needless to say, COVID-19 has also stretched available cash related capacity across all operations.

We hope humanitarian actors, CWGs, donors and other stakeholders globally and in the field will find the document useful to further clarify and encourage collaboration on the ground.

Kind Regards,