UNHCR Report on the use of flexible funding in 2021

Published Date

unhcr flexible fundingAs a humanitarian agency mandated to provide protection and assistance to forcibly displaced and stateless populations, UNHCR’s impact is dependent on its ability to respond swiftly and flexibly. If UNHCR has to wait until resources are raised to respond, precious time and opportunities to make a difference and save lives would be lost. As a rights-based agency, UNHCR’s ability to protect those most affected is core—and is deeply linked to its informed understanding of those that are most vulnerable and most at risk. Flexible funding enables needs-based programming and direction of resources based on a holistic assessment of the intersections of needs, vulnerabilities and risks, both present and future. This is because flexible funding supports all programmatic areas.

This report provides an overview of sources of flexible funding for UNHCR, and how it was used.