Virtual Dialogue Series - Localisation in Practice

Published Date

Members of Alliance for Empowering Partnership are inviting you to a dialogue series, supported by Community World Services Asia and, KUNO (Platform for Humanitarian Knowledge Exchange) and in collaboration with other international and local platforms to contribute to the body of alternative knowledge. 

There are small and large humanitarian disaster all around the world. Normally, it is the local authorities together with Civil Society actors and the citizens who are the first and longer-term responders to those disasters. Their work, however, remains under acknowledged and unrecognised and unsupported. This dialogue series hopes to create alternative knowledge.

In these dialogues, we will hear from the local actors and their partners about their experiences of localisation in practice. Why do we call it a dialogue? We see this as a conversation or discussion to resolve problems. Our focus is to talk about issues of inequities in the aid system and solutions and way forward.

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The first dialogue will take place on 29 September 2020 at 11.00 Geneva time. Click here for more information.